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Fire Restoration


It is strongly recommended that fire restoration works commences immediately as residues from smoke and soot contaminant tend to gradually cause more damage should restoration works be prolonged.


Experiencing a fire in your property can be very chaotic, loss of belongings that you’ve spent years acquiring is quite upsetting.

At STORM, we provide you with well-informed consultation and restoration services second to none. STORM has personnel that will engage with your insurance company and provide the right equipment that will timely redeem any fire incurred damage both efficiently and effectively.

Fire damage not only affects a home structurally, it can also pose as a health risk to family members. Carcinogenic toxins from soot build-up require extra attention and here at STORM we have the knowledge and expertise to structurally clean and restore your fire damaged property.


Site risk assessment
Contents cleaning & restoration
Contents pack out and inventory
Odour neutralisation
Thermal fogging
Dry cleaning services
Structural cleaning & restoration


Damage & Site Safety Assessment

Define Scope Of Works

Fire/Smoke Restoration Works

Sign Off And Acceptance Testing


First and foremost a fire damage assessment is carried out. In reality fire damages may not be imminent or readily visible since hot air which is lighter rises and will cause soot build up in cooler locations. Therefore an in-depth and systematic assessment is vital for a comprehensive fire restoration service to take place. Our dedicated personnel are here to provide a complete top to bottom assessment of your property to ensure a detailed and complete restoration of your property.

Identify and treat affected structure. Contents deemed safe for reuse are salvaged and contents beyond repairs or restoration works are also noted for replacement by the owner. Plans to ensure the building safety for habitation are intricately planned out and activities such as soot cleaning and removal of smoke odours across different types of surface and materials are carried out by our dedicated team. If requested we can provide an assessment report to your insurance company to support any claims. After this stage, a detailed report of costs estimate and the time taken for the restoration activity and its various phases is drafted and ready for your perusal.

This step involves the removal of the source of the fire and the unsalvageable debris that may cause smoke odour to linger within your property after a fire.

Chemicals and learned techniques are used to remove soot from walls, tiles, carpets, upholstery and other surfaces. Quality control check is crucial to ensure a successful surface clean. Painting is only done when there are permanent stains that are hard to remove. Simply trying to remove soot with only water can cause more damage. Please note that prolonging the restoration process after a fire will likely leave more permanent stains.

Sanitisation of affected surfaces is carried out after the cleaning process. Smoke odour from a fire can be quite stubborn as it remains in the damaged environment if not treated correctly. We use non-toxic thermal fogging and encapsulation to eliminate smoke and remaining odour from damaged structures.

Our technicians will help sort out the contents into salvageable and non-salvageable for assessment/treatment or disposal.

Damages to your water system or plumbing works often accompanies a fire incident, our technicians are certified and well equipped to address any water damage that are often caused by a fire. Coordinated repair works are done with our partners in restoring damages done to ceilings, roofing, plumbing and electrical works.

After carrying out our restoration works we provide a report of the rationale of our every activity. This report will greatly assist you with insurance claim and will help you with ease through the settlement process. We have the capacity to negotiate with assessors and loss adjusters since we have exceptional understanding of their work and requirements.