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Biohazard Restoration


Bio-hazards can contain any number of potentially lethal & harmful bacteria, viruses and toxins. It must be removed using the appropriate protective equipment. Please contact us immediately and refrain from making contact with areas under bio-hazards threat.


Exposure to biological and chemical contaminants are a serious health risk. Failure to systematically remove such lethal substances can contribute to a corrupt and dangerous environment.

Our team of Professionals are trained and well equipped to safely handle and remove bio-hazardous substances before disposing them in accordance with ABRA and health regulations.

Equipped with the necessary safety apparatus and cleaning products, our team of professionals are here to help transform any unsafe environments back into their pre-contamination state.


Crime scene residues
Accident cleanup
Chemical spills
Blood cleanup
Animal waste/remains


Damage & Site Safety Assessment

Define Scope Of Works

Bio-Hazard Restoration Works

Report & Sign Off


Inspection and assessment of potential risks and processes to provide a scope of works

All remediation activity that involves bio-hazards are always intricately planned out due to the dangerous consequences of mishandling. We cautiously plan out strategies on how to reduce, contain and effectively eliminate all and any bio hazard threat. At this stage we can provide fairly accurate outlines of estimated costs and the time required for the different phases in the restoration program.

All bio-hazard threat will be removed accordingly and the contaminated site will be thoroughly purified and cleaned.

Any materials or belongings that have been contaminated or deemed unsafe with bio-hazards contamination will be disposed of in a safe manner aligned with current bio hazard disposal regulations.

Any remaining restoration works such remediation to house structure or odour/air quality control shall be carried by our team of trained individual to ensure that the affected site is back to liveable health standards.

We can provide final reports of work undertaken and the justification behind actions taken. This reporting assists with insurance claims and lends itself to a quicker and smoother settlement process. We are happy to work with assessors and loss adjusters and have a full understanding to their requirements and demands.