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Sewage remediation


Sewage overflow is infested with bacteria, pathogen and mould hazards. It can be extremely dangerous to your health and your family.


We have the capacity to manage the clean-up and sanitation programs for all sewage overflow issues; ranging from toilet back flow issues, sewage pipe leaks, sewage pipe bursts, sewage mains backflow, septic pipe overflow and clogged drains.

Our expert Water Damage Restoration technicians are skilled and rightly equipped to clean up sewage contamination inside your property. We can clean tight spaces under the subfloor and crawl spaces where pipe leaks and bursts tend to cause the overflow issues. We have the knowledge and skill to minimise secondary damage to your property.

Our services

Sewage extraction
Contents cleaning & restoration or disposal
Removal of contaminated material
Control bacteria contamination, odours and air quality control
Structural drying and dehumidification


Damage & Site Safety Assessment

Define Scope Of Works

Sewage Damage Restoration Works

Report & Sign Off


Assess the extent of the damage by using our specialised instruments and monitors to map out the level of the damage done and the potential health risk.

We carefully plan how to reduce or stop the overflow, as well as the sanitisation, drying and restoration program that will be required to address it. We can provide detailed assessments and restoration outlines to your insurance company to support any claims. At this stage we can provide an approximate outline of estimated costs and the time required for the different phases in the restoration program.

We use specialised water extraction equipment to extract the sewage overflow from the inside of your building, beneath the subfloor, in cavities, outdoor spaces and other hard to reach places.

We use environmentally friendly antimicrobial treatment to disinfect, sanitise, control and reduce the spread of bacteria to the contaminated and adjoining surfaces, protecting against secondary problems of mould and mildew. We use treatments to kill wet odours and where there is high risk of reduced air quality we use Air Filtration Devices to reduce discomfort from reduced air quality.

We strongly recommend to our clients that materials exposed to contaminated water that cannot be thoroughly cleaned or disinfected, be disposed. Carpets, curtains, upholstered furniture and other soft furnishings affected by contaminated water in most cases are deemed to be non- salvageable. Significant overflow may damage walls and wall insulation, we can conduct an assessment and recommend if these should be replaced to avoid indoor mould issues. Hard surfaces such as paving and concrete can generally be cleaned and disinfected without the need to be replaced.

Our certified Water Damage Restoration Technicians are skilled to manage restoration programs start to end. From demolition through to the removal and re-laying of floor boards, we provide solutions for water ingress issues. We have a network of professional trades that understand water damage and how to best manage repair and restoration works.

We monitor the restoration program from drying, cleaning, decontamination, sanitising of all affected surfaces to ensure that it’s back to an acceptable level. We keep our clients informed on our progress and report any issues upfront with a detailed plan on how these will be managed.

We are able to provide final reports of work undertaken and the justification behind actions taken. This reporting assists with insurance claims and lends itself to a quicker and smoother settlement process. We are happy to work with assessors and loss adjusters and understand their requirements.+