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Clandestine Remediation


We strongly recommend that you do not engage in any clean-up activity in any clan lab setting as it can be detrimental to your health, causing respiratory problems due to dangerous levels of mould and toxic gases that maybe present.


Clandestine drug laboratory or clan lab are usually referred to any sites used or in attempt to manufacture or process illicit drugs. Clan labs are typically located in residential rental properties. Highly toxic chemicals along with other substances are often used to create synthetic drugs. Mixing of base chemicals and other substances used in drugs making will render your property and surrounding environment vulnerable to accidents like explosion, spontaneous combustion and fire.

Imminent dangers such as the generation and accumulation of highly toxic fumes, noxious gases, concentration of vapours from dangerous chemicals coupled with corrosive and flammable ingredients/by products presents real threat that will consequently damage your property.

Waste or by-products produced from drug labs may also pose risks to occupants and environment alike. Contact with toxic leisure drugs by-products can cause drastic health implication and subsequent life-threatening ailment if not paid due attention. Potential health risks include damage to the liver, kidney or brain and could even trigger the onset of cancerous cell growth.

Please do not try to clean your property if it has been used illegally for drugs processing, or even suspect this activity has occurred in your property, as this can be harmful to your health and to others. Do note that odours and mould from drugs manufacturing are difficult to remove. Cleansing your property from illicit drugs use and contamination requires special attention and trained individuals for a comprehensive removal of all dangerous drugs making residue and contaminants.

Please do not hesitate to contact Storm Restoration for a safer and more professional drug lab clean up in the Melbourne and Bendigo regions.



Preliminary screening to determine extent of contamination
Secondary damage
Decontamination clean
Restore air quality
Subfloor and structural remediation
Cavity and sufloor remediation


Damage & Site Safety Assessment

Define Scope Of Works

Clandestine Remediation Works

Sign Off & Acceptance Testing


The first response to a clan lab clean-up is the removal of chemicals/drugs/laboratory apparatus utilised in the drug manufacturing process by the local authorities.

Once illegal drug paraphernalia have been removed, all damage and threat instigated by the Clandestine operations will be assessed thoroughly. Structural contamination, mould presence and sub-floors damage are all covered in the assessment stage.

After the assessment stage we proceed to identify structures, surfaces and contents that are salvageable and those beyond repair and providing evidence to justify replacement. We then draft the most efficient and practical method and technical ways to guarantee you a safer and liveable property. We carry out any required demolition work and the removal of damaged/unsalvageable content for cleaning or disposal. Mould and structural remediation and the removal of overlaying odours across different surfaces and materials are meticulously planned out. We can provide detailed assessments and a restoration outline to your insurance company to support any claims. As we wrap up this stage, we are confident to provide approximate outlines of estimated costs and the time required for the different phases in any clandestine remediation and restoration program.

All items that can be safely restored within IICRC guidelines shall be done in conjunction with current health standards and practice. Items that cannot be salvaged shall be effectively disposed in a safe and proper manner.

Normally for all clandestine operations, flooring will be severely damaged due to water and ventilation requirements of drug processing. The sub-floor and adjoining structures shall be remediated in accordance to the degree of damage done.

Samples of affected areas are tested to determine successful decontamination clean.

If required, we are content to provide you with final reports of work undertaken and the justification behind our every activity. This reporting assists with insurance claims and lends itself to a quicker and smoother settlement process. We are happy to work with assessors and loss adjusters and have a full understanding of their requirements and demands.